Bounty Hunt

Removing Invasives - Planting Natives

Receive native plants in exchange for hunting & removing invasive species.

Reward Poster for Invasive Species Bounty Hunt

We’re just launching this program, so bear with us while we get things rolling! Click the “Subscribe” link at the very top of the page so we can keep you updated. (Make sure to select “Bounty Hunter” or “Subscribe to All“)

Running this program takes time, energy, and resources.  Support the program by:

How it Works:

There are SO many invasive plants overtaking native plants and habitats all over the world.  Lots organizations are working hard to remedy the situation, but so much can also be done by the plant-people and gardeners of the world!

We’re putting a bounty out on invasive species.  Document your removal of the invasive plant, and we’ll send you some replacement (native) plants to help fill the space.

  • Make sure you’re removing the correct plant
  • Make video (or take a few photos) showing your removal of the plants.
  • Post the video online, and submit the application form below.

The video can be as simple as showing us the plants you removed, but you’re welcome to document the whole process.  If your video is creative or helpful to others, we may ask to feature it.

There will be an extra prize each season (Spring & Fall) for most creative & entertaining hunt/removal — please don’t hurt yourself!

The Invasive Species:

The first species that we’ve put a bounty on is the highly invasive
Bush Honeysuckle (AKA Morrow’s Honeysuckle).

Why is it such a problem?
Backyard Ecology (no affiliation with A Promise to Gaia) has a video with a great answer:

Replacement Plants:

You may receive Diervilla, Native Viburnum, Native Elderberry, or others!  We will send you up to 20 plants/plugs per application.  Plants will ship in the fall or spring, as they become available.

We are also launching a sister program, “Propagation for Pollination.” In this program, we will make available a free Master Class on how to propagate plants, trees & shrubs. In exchange for access to the class, we ask that a portion of the plants that participants propagate be donated to the Bounty Hunt program for distribution to bounty hunters.

How to remove Morrow's Honeysuckle:

**While we appreciate the spirit of guerrilla gardening, legally we cannot endorse trespass.  Make sure to get permission before doing this work on other people’s property.**

PULL IT – Morrow’s Honeysuckle generally has shallow roots.  If you’re able to get it while it’s still young or after a good rain, you may be able to just pull it out of the ground.  Some root might be left behind, so make sure to check once in a while to see if new bushes are sprouting from the ground. 

SOLARIZE IT – Another method is to “solarize” the plant: Prune the bush way back, leaving it about a foot high; Completely cover the remaining plant with some type of black plastic (A garbage bag tied at the base of the plant works well); Leave the plastic in place until the bush is completely dead.

CUT IT – Cutting the bush all the way to the base will not kill it right away!  Make sure to check it regularly and prune any new growth, until the bush dies.  (This may take a long time!)

EXPERIMENT – If you have an area overtaken by bush honeysuckle, and would like to participate in some science, please let us know! We’re developing new ways to remove this and other invasives, that don’t involve the use of persistent and damaging herbicides. If you’re interested, email:

Does it have to be Morrow's Honeysuckle?

As long as you’ve properly identified and removed any of the known invasive bush honeysuckles, you can still claim a reward.

Applying to collect your reward:

Simply fill out the form below, and we will send you your plants as they become available.  


  • Your reward will depend on the size and number of Morrow’s Honeysuckle that your remove:
    Small plants : 1-2 replacements for 5-10 invasive
    Medium plants : 1 replacement for 1 invasive
    Large/Extra Large plants : 2-3 replacements for 1 invasive
  • The plants we send you are for you to enjoy – they are not for re-sale.
  • The maximum reward is 20 plants per application.
  • You can submit multiple applications as you remove more Honeysuckle.  We’ll be happy to send you more plants if we’re able (..for now we may only be able to send you a reward for your first application).
Morrow's Honeysuckle Reward Claim
Include a link to your video here. You can post your video on youtube, instagram, facebook, etc. If you'd rather send us photos, you can email the photos to - use the subject: "Bounty Hunt Photos - [Your Name]"
If you can't remember, just pick something nearby. This information helps us and other organizations track the spread of this species. We may share the city / state with other people.

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