Opportunities to be on the Land

Merge with Nature at The Garden

There are opportunities to retreat and spend time on the land through our on land rentals (Chalet, Cabin & Sacred Hollow Glampsite).  These rentals along with the products we make and sell through Garden of One, are what support this land and allow us to complete the land we steward.  This land will be protected by a legal entity and trust that will allow it to be available to those that seek the solace of nature for years to come.  We also plan to create a network of land stewardships connecting others that support Gaia/Earth.

Moonlit Chalet & Nature Sanctuary

Front of the Moonlit Chalet which faces the 9 acre lake.
Chalet side porch

Quaint Lakeside Nature Cabin

Cabin side front/side view, glassed in porch
overlooks the 9 acre lake.
Cabin interior, main space with rocket stove mass heater,
view of kitchen & bath

Sacred Hollow Glampsite

Glamping tent
Campfire next to pond