To support Gaia (The Earth) by the conservation & protection of sacred land in Upstate NY.  This land is a microcosm of the macrocosm of Gaia.  The land is kept wild & free to bring Clarity to your mind, peace to your heart, stillness to your emotions, contentment to your Soul.  To remind us all of the interconnectedness of Life on Gaia.


There are opportunities to retreat and spend time on the land through our rentals (Chalet, Cabin & Sacred Hollow Glampsite).  These rentals and the products we make and sell through Garden of One are what support this land and allow us to add to the lands we steward.  This land will be protected by a legal entity and trust that will allow it to be available to those that seek the solace of nature for years to come.

The current mushroom is Blue Brat Oyster!

Blue Brats are a variety of Pleurotus ostreatus (aka Oyster Mushrooms). Cultivated worldwide, they're easy to grow, and considered a choice edible. Baby Blue Brat mushrooms start out with a deep blue cap, eventually turning gray as the mushrooms mature.

You can buy a Blue Brat Tabletop Grow Kit through November. Orders will ship the first two weeks of December.
(After Nov 30, any orders placed will be for the next mushroom variety.)