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June 1 & 2

10AM – 4PM

Plant List June 2024

You can find us by entering “A Promise to Gaia” into google maps.¬† Do not use Waze!

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(*Native, Edible, Medicinal, Pollinator & Host)

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The current mushroom is Blue Brat Oyster!

Blue Brats are a variety of Pleurotus ostreatus (aka Oyster Mushrooms). Cultivated worldwide, they're easy to grow, and considered a choice edible. Baby Blue Brat mushrooms start out with a deep blue cap, eventually turning gray as the mushrooms mature.

You can buy a Blue Brat Tabletop Grow Kit through November. Orders will ship the first two weeks of December.
(After Nov 30, any orders placed will be for the next mushroom variety.)