Nature-Listening Retreat

August 27 & 28
A Promise to Gaia’s Sacred Land in upstate NY.

“When Nature Speaks…..

How do you listen?

With an open ear and heart
or with the concepts of the mind?

Have the machinations of the world
closed your eyes to the beauties of the forest?

Open your eyes and ears
see and hear what Nature has to say
the gifts that are constantly given
and seldom received”

– A Promise to Gaia 

Join us for a (mini) Nature-Listening Retreat on A Promise to Gaia’s Sacred Land in upstate NY,  to bring you closer to yourself and the Earth.  Enjoy a Saturday-Sunday Retreat with Tenting in the Fairy Glenn!

We have 5 tenting sites available in the Fairy Glenn. One Tent can be used per site, and up to 4 people can stay per tent. This is a BYOT (bring your own tent) weekend.

This is a fundraiser for Reuniting Sacred Lands
..and planting a Food Forest / Pollinator Garden in celebration!

Contact us for availability:
(518) 797-3373

$150 (minimum donation) 

Box lunches are available by preorder for $10 per lunch, or you can bring your own. (Box lunches are for Saturday and/or Sunday).  Breakfast is “bring your own” (non-cook)