Mush-a-Month has launched

Every month we’ll pick a different mushroom that you can grow at home.  You can purchase kits individually (month-by-month), or sign up for the Mush-a-Month Club and receive a different kit every month.  Mushrooms will be Edible, Medicinal, or just plain Fun.

Plugs and other spawn available seasonally.

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Instructions & Guides

-Making a Wine Cap Bed-

Mush-a-month JUST launched. We’re currently writing the instructions for the first Mush-a-Month Kit.

If you’ve purchased a kit from us before, and are looking for instructions for your kit, contact

NOTE: We’ve updated the instructions/design for the humidity tent as of Nov 3.

The current mushroom is Blue Brat Oyster!

Blue Brats are a variety of Pleurotus ostreatus (aka Oyster Mushrooms). Cultivated worldwide, they're easy to grow, and considered a choice edible. Baby Blue Brat mushrooms start out with a deep blue cap, eventually turning gray as the mushrooms mature.

You can buy a Blue Brat Tabletop Grow Kit through November. Orders will ship the first two weeks of December.
(After Nov 30, any orders placed will be for the next mushroom variety.)