Garden of One

Garden of One supports A Promise to Gaia by using the proceeds from their product sales to maintain land, sponsor improvement projects and to allow for the purchase of additional land to conserve. By purchasing Garden of One products you not only help yourself, family & friends, you are contributing to the conservation of Sacred Land in Upstate NY for future generations.

What is Garden of One?

Garden of One is the name for the Earth. In meditation, Rachel saw Earth as the Cosmic Egg cracking open and light streaming forth, flowers tumbling out.  We are all flowers in The Garden.  It is to remind us of the truth of the Oneness of All Beings.

Who is Garden of One:

A small family business dedicated to helping people grow in body, mind and spirit.  We live and manufacture all of our products on our 106 acre Organic Permaculture Farm, Holistic Retreat Center (The Garden at Thunder Hill ~ A Center for Spiritual Evolution) and land conservation/stewardship with A Promise to Gaia in Upstate NY. 

What Garden of One does:

Garden of One currently produces over 600 products for healing and transformation on every level: From body on through mental, emotional and spiritual. All of our products are hand-crafted using only the finest organic ingredients with attention to detail. We provide personal service, and are grounded in a practical, down to earth approach, creating tools for each person to use on their own unique path.

The current mushroom is Blue Brat Oyster!

Blue Brats are a variety of Pleurotus ostreatus (aka Oyster Mushrooms). Cultivated worldwide, they're easy to grow, and considered a choice edible. Baby Blue Brat mushrooms start out with a deep blue cap, eventually turning gray as the mushrooms mature.

You can buy a Blue Brat Tabletop Grow Kit through November. Orders will ship the first two weeks of December.
(After Nov 30, any orders placed will be for the next mushroom variety.)